Best Red Dot Sight Under $100 in 2023

Best Red Dot Optic Under $100

If you’re here, chances are you are looking to save money and find the best red dot sight for under $100. There are a variety of red dot optics on the market, but only a handful can be considered purchasable, and even less can be considered great red dot optics. Right now, we are going to examine the best red dot sight under $100.

We selected the $100 price point because it is the bare minimum price point to purchase a viable red dot sight, but this is also best budget red dot sight, the best inexpensive red dot sight, and the most affordable red dot sight.

In today’s market, you are going to notice minor drop-offs in product performance. That is okay! Not everyone needs an EOTech sight for $500, and we would argue that most do not. You can enjoy the benefits of an affordable red dot sight for target shooting, fun, hunting, and sportsmanship for under $100.

Our best red dot sight under $100 is the Sig Romeo MSR Red Dot Sight. There are a plethora of variations of Sig’s red dot sight, but this one is the only that comes under the $100 price point.

The reason the Sig Romeo MSR is the best red dot under $100 is because it is durable, accurate, lightweight, and functional. Does it do any of these things as well as an Aimpoint or EOTech? No. Does it perform as well? No. However, if you want to replicate the shooting experience of a higher priced red dot, this is the perfect optic to accomplish those goals.

Before we begin reviewing what we believe is the best red dot under $100, it is important to note that there are only a handful of red dot sights under this price point. Most of these are not worth purchasing because the product is so poorly made that you will not be satisfied with it.

  • Price: $82.99
  • Ultra-compact size and weight with unlimited eye-relief and parallax-free operation
  • Precise 2 MOA Dot
  • Top loading battery compartment with integral brightness control featuring 10 daytime and 2 NV settings
  • Mounts on all standard rail platforms
  • Over 20,000 hours runtime on a CR1632 battery
  • Aircraft grade aluminum housing and mount
  • Dependable IPX-7 waterproof and fog-proof performance
  • Adjustable brightness knob can be hard to turn
  • Some customers had issues mounting the optic effortlessly
  • Customers expected a $500 optic for the price point due to Sig’s reputation and were disappointed it was a budget version of higher priced versions
Customer Reviews of Sig Sauer Romeo MSR Red Dot Sight

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Straightforward and well made.

No it’s not an Aimpoint, but this red dot is the little optic that could. It’s been through a year of rough use in snow, rain, and mud. Dropped more than a couple times landing directly on the optic. Still holds true and suffered no damage to the frame or glass. One downside is that the battery is a weird watch type and not a triple A. Still, no buyers remorse here. Until you can afford a neat little Aimpoint, this red dot by Sig Sauer will fit the bill.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Great red dot.

“I love this red dot! Leave the lens caps closed because I live in eastern Tennessee where it rains a lot. Also, I have astigmatism and there is no distortion of the dot with the lens caps closed. It took me 3 shots to zero at 25 yds on a 16″ barreled AR 15. Seeing is believing. Best red dot on the market for this price.”

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Probably the best low budget for rifles.

“Pros: Price, you can’t beat sig optics for value; bright crisp dot, way cleaner than Bushnell or other competition at this price; durable, held up great for brush hunting and being used as a knockaround for teaching newbs
Cons: battery life was adequate, but not as good as the Romeo5; knobs are absurdly hard to turn, both the adjustments and the on/off/brightness knob, I’d have preferred a button for on off
. All over, solid, cheap dot for a budget rig or hunting gun. Personally I feel that your main optics should have shake awake, so I spend a bit more for the romeo5″

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Great value no-frills red dot.

“So far, my only complaints are that the brightness control is rather difficult to turn, and the clear lens caps are hard to close or remove. On the other hand, the brightness control will stay put once set, and the lens caps are made of coated clear glass — you never really have to open or remove them. Dot is clear and well-defined, windage and elevation controls stay put, mount is as solid as any in this price range. For less than a hundred bucks, this is the only red dot I’d consider.”

Budget Red Dot Sight Buying Guide

There are a variety of factors to consider when searching for an affordable red dot sight: quality, price, performance, and vendor. Each of these will vary based on your specific buying needs.


When buying any optic, quality does not mean how can I get a $1000 Aimpoint for $200, but rather how can I get a product that will perform to my expectations at my price point. One of the easiest checks for quality is to examine customer reviews of the optic. Customers will always make note of a red dot sight’s quality with specific comments such as “feels like the real thing” or “cheap”. I could ask you to compare metal alloys, but if you were into that much detail, you’d already own it.


This is self explanatory when buying a red dot optic (or anything really). You want to get as much as possible for the price you pay and you want to pay the lowest price for the optic you want. Be sure to watch for sneaky extras on price such as shipping charges or price swaps when selecting different reticle configurations.


When buying a red dot sight, performance will depend on your goal for your optic. If you are using it to mount on an airsoft gun, you’ll have different needs than someone mounting it on an AR15. Consider what you want your red dot to do and select accordingly. If you want an optic just for looks, then that can be had for a much cheaper price point than one that performs.


This one doesn’t seem as intuitive as the others, but there is a chance you will not like your optic. How easy will it be to return? How fast will it arrive? We recommend using Amazon if you do not have a local gun shop near you because of the incredible price (they’ll price match anyone), delivery speed, and ease of return.

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