Best ACOG Clone Under $200 in 2023

Best ACOG Clone Under $200

If you’re here, chances are you are looking to save money and find the closest ACOG clone that replicates the look, feel, and performance of the standard Trijicon ACOG. There are a variety of ACOG clone products on the market, but only a handful can be considered purchasable, and even less can be considered best ACOG clones. Right now, we are going to examine the best ACOG clone under $200.

We selected the $200 price point because it is the bare minimum price point to purchase an ACOG clone, but this is the best budget ACOG clone, the best inexpensive ACOG, and the best cheap ACOG clone.

However, at less than $200, you are going to notice MAJOR drop-offs in product performance from not only a Trijicon ACOG, but higher priced ACOG clones as well. That is okay! Not everyone needs a Trijicon ACOG for $1500, and we would argue that most do not. You can enjoy the benefits of an ACOG for target shooting, fun, hunting, and sportsmanship for under $200.

Our best ACOG clone under $200 is ohhunt 4×32 Hunting RifleScopes Red or Green Illuminated Horseshore Glass Etched Reticle Real Fiber Optics Tactical Optical Sights Scope. Wow, that is a mouthful. Let’s refer to our best ACOG clone under $100 as simply the ohhunt 4×32 ACOG clone.

The reason the ohunt 4 x32 ACOG clone is the best acog clone under $200 is because it preserves the defining characteristics of the ACOG: chevron/horseshoe reticle, 4×32 magnification, ACOG body, and a battery free light source. Does it do any of these things as well as a Trijicon? No. Does it perform as well as a Trijicon? No. However, if you want to replicate the shooting experience of an ACOG or are even deciding if a Trijicon ACOG is right for you, this is the perfect optic to accomplish those goals.

Before we begin reviewing what we believe is the best ACOG clone under $200, it is important to note that there are only a handful of ACOG clones under this price point. Most of these are not worth purchasing because the product either 1) is so poorly made that you will not be satisfied with it or 2) they cut so many corners it can hardly be considered an ACOG clone.

  • Price: $85.99
  • Maintains resemblance to Trijicon ACOG
  • 4×32 magnification
  • Battery-free illumination: Fiber Optic Illuminated Reticle That Automatically Adjusts the Brightness Based on Available Light
  • Mounts on all standard rail platforms
  • Horseshoe reticle, with green or red option
  • Horseshoe reticle, while others may prefer standard chevron or crosshair
  • Does not perform to the standard of higher-priced alternatives

Customer Reviews of ohunt 4×32 ACOG Clone

This is not quite as popular as some other ACOG clones, but we get what we pay for. The decision when buying an ACOG clone is not is this clone as good as a Trijicon ACOG, but 1) is this ACOG clone worth $80 versus $1500 for a Trijicon ACOG and 2) will this ACOG clone accomplish my shooting objectives? The ACOG clone is all about value and that is what we find here.

This is the best acog clone under $100, not the best ACOG. There is a reason a Trijicon ACOG costs $1500 and that is because it guarantees its performance in all conditions. However, most Americans simply do not need to have an optic that will survive extreme stress tests in a way that the military requires.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

4.5 Star Positive Reviews

Nice clear optic , and honestly nicer than I expected. Had no issues zeroing or holding zero on my M&P 15-22 (22lr). Sure snobs will say it’s fake and turn their nose up but I’m not putting a $1500 optic on a $300 rifle and I could care less what others think. It is well worth the money.


I was prepared to be disappointed, but after testing it immediately at 55, 65, & 75 ft, I was very pleased with the groupings I got out of it. The glass is as clear as other scopes in the $300 range. Eye relief wasn’t an issue as my 5.56 AR doesn’t recoil a whole lot. It held zero, and the reticle displays A LOT of information for the shooter. BDC and a bright red horseshoe in the middle. Plus, it looks fantastically cool, and that’s all that really matters. 😎 For the price, I can’t say anything bad. I wish it had tritium, or an LED illuminated reticle for low light, but for what it is I think everyone should have one.”


It’s a great copy of ACOG! Nice reticle and pretty clear lens. Great for lower power rifles. Eye relief is 1.5” and 1” to my eyebrow. Little too close for me.


“I saw mutiple reviews that eye relief was horrible and you had to get close to see it. Well this is a clone of a ACOG of which in my past experiences the eye relief was about the same.

I really like the horseshoe style reticle, the center dot makes it easy for precision aiming while the outside horseshoe will make it easy to place on a close up target for quick shooting.

The mount itself was not the best and seemed thin. Some blue loctite placed on the screws underneath act as cheap insurance to really secure the optic to the mount.

You are not getting a real ACOG for this price but for the price point I recommend this for people who do not want to spend real ACOG money.”


“I now have over 500 rounds with this mounted on my Colt LE6920. Still tight and holding zero. Very accurate. Some say this sight cannot be used at night–not true. For defense one should use a weapon mounted light for target identification. When using such a light, the etched reticle is easily used. With this great price and one year warranty, a shooter can not go wrong. I love it.”

ACOG Clone Buying Guide

There are a variety of factors to consider when buying an ACOG clone: quality, price, performance, replication of the Trijicon ACOG, and vendor. Each of these will vary based on your specific buying needs.


When buying an ACOG clone, quality does not mean how can I get a $1200 Trijicon for $200, but rather how can I get a product that will perform to my expectations at my price point. One of the easiest checks for quality is to examine customer reviews of the optic. Customers will always make note of an ACOG Clone’s quality with specific comments such as “feels like the real thing” or “cheap”. I could ask you to compare metal alloys, but if you were into that much detail, you’d already own a Trijicon.


This is self explanatory when buying an ACOG clone (or anything really). You want to get as much as possible for the price you pay and you want to pay the lowest price for the optic you want. Be sure to watch for sneaky extras on price such as shipping charges or price swaps when selecting different reticle configurations.


When buying an ACOG clone, performance will depend on your goal for your optic. If you are using it to mount on an airsoft gun, you’ll have different needs than someone mounting it on an AR15. Consider what you want your acog clone to do and select accordingly. If you want an acog replica just for looks, then that can be had for a much cheaper price point than an acog clone that performs.

Replication of the Trijicon ACOG

You are here to buy an ACOG clone so one factor would most certainly be how closely does it resemble the Trijicon ACOG? Definitely take into account what ACOG features you’re willing to part with in order to save money. For example, most shooters do not need to have a tritium “powered” fiber optic for battery free illumination.


This one doesn’t seem as intuitive as the others, but there is a chance you will not like your acog clone. How easy will it be to return? How fast will it arrive? We recommend using Amazon if you do not have a local gun shop near you because of the incredible price (they’ll price match anyone), delivery speed, and ease of return.


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