Best ACOG Clone for AR15/5.56

Best ACOG Clone for AR15/5.56

If you’re here, chances are you are looking to save money and find the closest ACOG clone that replicates the look, feel, and performance of the standard Trijicon ACOG. There are a variety of ACOG clone products on the market, but only a handful can be considered purchasable, and even less can be considered best ACOG clones. Right now, we are going to examine the best ACOG clone for AR15/5.56.

Our selection for the best ACOG clone for AR15/5.56 is the wipboten 4×32 ACOG Clone. This is a review for the best ACOG clone for AR15/5.56 or the wipboten Optic Scope 4×32 Scope True Fiber Red Illuminated Crosshair Reticle Scopes. The latter is the name you will need to search to find this product, or simply click the links above or below. This is also our best ACOG clone under $200.

  • Price: $139.99 (Crosshairs Reticle)/$176.99 (Chevron Reticle)
  • Closely resembles Trijicon ACOG
  • Crystal clear lens
  • Powered by fiber source, allowing for bright daytime reticles
  • Adjustable windage and elevation
  • Multi-coated front lens
  • Parallax free
  • 4×32 with a Field of View of 6°15′ and Eye Relief of 70mm
  • Customizable reticle selection, chevron/crosshair, green/red


  • Rail mounting screws may come loose after firing

Click here for chevron reticle.

Click here for crosshair reticle.

ACOG 3x24mm Compact, Dual Illuminated Amber Crosshair .223/55 Grain  Ballistic Reticle | Cheaper Than Dirt

Customer Reviews of wipboten ACOG Clone

There is a reason that this product is our best ACOG clone for AR15/5.56, and that is customer feedback.

As you can see, this ACOG clone currently has excellent reviews on Amazon. Keep in mind that the Trijicon ACOGs are 4.5 stars and cost nearly 12x more! As we mentioned in the cons section, accuracy is the largest reason that this product has lost stars for reviews. However, once we analyze the product itself and every customer review, we can see that this is because the mounting screws appear to come loose on some rails. The vast majority of customers do not have an issue with this, so it could simply be the rails on the upper themselves as opposed to the optic.

With reviews like this, it is easy to see why we have named this our best ACOG clone for AR15/5.56.

Now, lets examine some customer photos and reviews in detail to help you decide if our best ACOG clone for AR15/5.56 is the right product for you.

Above we can see the crystal clear lens and the reticle against a variety of backdrops. The fiber optics work effectively at night for an ACOG clone and are probably the best that we have reviewed.

Of course our best ACOG clone for AR15/5.56 will mount successfully on all AR15 style platforms. Above, we can see this ACOG clone mounted on a variety of AR15s, but it will work for whatever weapon and rail system you have.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

5 Star Reviews

“Watched a bunch of YouTube videos on some horror stories about how these don’t hold zero and other quality issues and decided to take a chance anyways. Put this on my ar, chambered in 5.7 x 28, got it sighted it in for 50 yards (the red circles are the last group of 5 shots after the final adjustment.) put 100 rounds through it that day and it held zero with no issues. My first recommendation is to use blue locktite on the mounting screws, you shouldn’t have an issue. Needless to say, really decent scope for the price. Build quality was what you would expect from something in that price range that isn’t brand name. But it holds zero and the glass is really clear. I was very surprised and would totally reccomend this to a friend.”


“I am writing this review because I am more than happy with this optic. The sight picture is very clear, and holds its zero even after firing 60-rounds of 5.56. For the price, this optic is more than worth the purchase. The only downside is that mine did not have any clear markings on which way to turn the knobs to designate Right or Left, Up or Down. However, once you turn it in one direction and shoot a group of 3-shots, it is easy to determine which way is which and make your adjustments accordingly. As you will see from the pic I added, once fully zero’d, it is capable of a real tight shot group.

Wife got this for me for my birthday, it’s been sitting in our wish list for a long time…possibly at least a year. Anyhow, this past Sunday I just zero’d it and put 60-rounds through my AR-15 5.56 NATO. I first got the sights so that it is within a 6-inch group at 50-yards, then I moved out to 100-yards and did my final tweaks. The pic I have posted is from 100-yards after final tweaks were complete. The marked shots are from my father-in-law with his AR-10 .308 and Bushnell optic.”


“70 rounds over two sessions on my Palmetto State Armory 16″ .223 M4 rifle has held up well and stayed zero-ed. Note that the UP is counter-clockwise for Point-of-Impact (POI) and the RIGHT is also counter-clockwise for POI. Fiber optic is very good and the reticle/glass are also great. Check periodically that your bolt that holds onto the picatinny rail hasn’t come loose as one of mine kind of did so either locktite that in or torque it in with a tool. Thank you FACOG.”


It is also very plain to see from customer reviews that this is the best ACOG clone for .223, the best ACOG clone for 5.56, and the best ACOG clone for .22lr. We have only shot it in those calibers, so we wont comment on its effectiveness elsewhere.

In summary, this is the best ACOG clone for AR15/5.56. We can also say that this is the best ACOG clone for .223 and the best ACOG clone for .22lr.

ACOG Clone Buying Guide

There are a variety of factors to consider when buying an ACOG clone: quality, price, performance, replication of the Trijicon ACOG, and vendor. Each of these will vary based on your specific buying needs.


When buying an ACOG clone, quality does not mean how can I get a $1200 Trijicon for $200, but rather how can I get a product that will perform to my expectations at my price point. One of the easiest checks for quality is to examine customer reviews of the optic. Customers will always make note of an ACOG Clone’s quality with specific comments such as “feels like the real thing” or “cheap”. I could ask you to compare metal alloys, but if you were into that much detail, you’d already own a Trijicon.


This is self explanatory when buying an ACOG clone (or anything really). You want to get as much as possible for the price you pay and you want to pay the lowest price for the optic you want. Be sure to watch for sneaky extras on price such as shipping charges or price swaps when selecting different reticle configurations.


When buying an ACOG clone, performance will depend on your goal for your optic. If you are using it to mount on an airsoft gun, you’ll have different needs than someone mounting it on an AR15. Consider what you want your acog clone to do and select accordingly. If you want an acog replica just for looks, then that can be had for a much cheaper price point than an acog clone that performs.

Replication of the Trijicon ACOG

You are here to buy an ACOG clone so one factor would most certainly be how closely does it resemble the Trijicon ACOG? Definitely take into account what ACOG features you’re willing to part with in order to save money. For example, most shooters do not need to have a tritium “powered” fiber optic for battery free illumination.


This one doesn’t seem as intuitive as the others, but there is a chance you will not like your acog clone. How easy will it be to return? How fast will it arrive? We recommend using Amazon if you do not have a local gun shop near you because of the incredible price (they’ll price match anyone), delivery speed, and ease of return.

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